Sunday, September 18, 2005

What the...

LOS ANGELES (AP) - A Russian airline delivered more than it bargained for on a flight from Moscow to Los Angeles.
A woman traveling on the Aeroflot flight gave birth on the plane. The airline says the woman started having contractions seven hours into the 12-hour flight. And the pilot requested a landing at the nearest military airport in Canada. But he was told the runway was too short for the Boeing 767 and continued on to Los Angeles. An Aeroflot spokesman says the delivery was accomplished with the help of several flight attendants after two doctors aboard refused to help for unspecified reasons. The delivery went well and the woman was able to leave the plane on her own carrying the baby boy.  

Why wouldn’t doctors help?

Are Russian doctors as besieged by malpractice suits as American doctors, is that why?

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Billy D said...

I would assume the reputation for Americans being lawsuit happy preceded this woman. Yet one more noth in the belt of lawyers destroying all.