Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The next time someone complains that we need more stuff written inSpanish around here....

I'm a social worker, not necessarily because I ever aspired to be one; that's just the way things worked out and the piece of paper the State makes me carry around in order to get paid for the work I do.  But it is the cause of much consternation on my part.  Lately, that consternation comes in two flavors:  my frustration with  social workers who understand economics and natural rights so poorly that they think spending other people's money on third parties solves the third parties' problems; and the stupidity inherent in certain politically correct myths propogated by social workers.

Such as the desire for people to have Michigan carpeted with copies of everything written in English, in Spanish, to help the invisible horde of Mexican and Guatemalen immigrants deplaning at Metro and coming over the Detroit-Windsor bridge and tunnel.