Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why Are You Still Here???

Not you, I mean.  I mean disgruntled employees.

So, OK, I hate Facebook....not because I don't think it's an awesome invention, and not because I don't like my family or friends, who seem to have abandone their email and phones to join what they apparently feel is a joyous cacophony in order to communicate with the rest of us.  Which is me.

Friday, October 18, 2013

To Russian, With "Enough" ( and "Through" and "Bough")

I've just started working my way through a textbook on Russian again.  Maybe I'm a hopeless optimist, maybe I'm just stubborn, but I can't seem to leave it aside, as hard as it is.

I've been studying languages for a long time.  I have a degree in German.  French, Spanish...they all came very easily to me.

Russian is sneaky.  You think, oh, this is gonna be a breeze! after you see that the alphabet isn't that hard.  They give you that, then they painstakingly show you how to write cyrillic cursive, the only problem with which is being able to read your own cyrillic cursive; then they give you some vocabulary and useful phrases.