Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Moi, je suis Charlie

Watching clips from the news in Paris regarding the CharlieHebdo terrorist attack.  It's sad in a way how such heinous attacks bring out the best in people.  John Kerry, the tea drinker extraordinaire (and with his pinky out!) just said something on Fox (maybe all the channels) about how terrorism can never kill humour and free speech.

All the same, after years of defending France to people who thought they were all wimps, I love seeing Francois Hollande on TV calling terrorism terrorism (and a spade a spade)

I'd go into a diatribe about how retarded wahabists are pretty warped to believe that someone satirizing them or their religion belongs to them and that they have to control their thoughts. But I'm too nauseated right now.  Wonder what Davi Barker is thinking .