Saturday, July 16, 2016

List: People (and other things) I've wanted to marry

I've given up now.  Now, if someone proposed to me,  I'm convinced he'd be plotting to swindle me out of my retirement funds and then go back to his real wife and kids (okay, adult kids).

But it was fun while it lasted!

Here, in chronological order, are all the people, places and things I've had crushes on.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Predictions for Season Five

Elizabeth and Phillip are going to have a baby.  Oops, they already did.

Paige is going to become an agent for the CIA....OR kill Pastor Tim.

There's going to be a huge nuclear accident at Chernobyl in the Ukraine.  

Stan the Man proposes adopting Henry.  He then grooms him as an FBI agent.

Elizabeth and Phillip go home, but Paige stays and starts her own Benneton franchise.  Henry stays with Stan.  Neither Stan nor Henry ever figures out what Elizabeth and Phillip do.

Upon arriving in Moscow, they find Martha running the McDonald's store in Red Square.