Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sell-Out or Just Desserts?

Vox Day reported in his blog today that W. has taken the easy way out after criticism for his response to Katrina, and capitulated to the madding crowd, promising he’ll get the cavalry to respond more quickly to the next disaster.  Vox, rightly, sees this as a recipe for another kind of disaster:  Tragedie a là Feudalisme, no doubt. We get the protection from the lord, the lord expects a tenth, or some fraction, of what we have, as well as the right to walk in on us whenever he damn well pleases (it all belongs to him anyway right?)

Rush Limbaugh, on his show today, calls things differently, in his ever jovial way.  You want us to take over, great, we’ll send in the military, we’ll do it our way.

I’d like to think (to coin a phrase) Rush is right.  I fear Vox is.

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Billy D said...

"the lord expects a tenth"
As of yesterday, yes, exactly 1/10th. 10% of your paycheck anyway, as a surcharge for Katrina rebuilding effort.