Thursday, September 08, 2005

and another other thing

But let's not get silly about it. Today I saw a Nextel flag at half mast. Just a Nextel flag. No US or even state flag remotely close by. I guess they figured they should have some flag flying at half mast.

Which reminds me of long ago, when we lost President Nixon. President Clinton had of course called for the 1 month or whatever of observance with the flag. I was working in Lincoln Park (home of the band), just on the edge of Detroit, at the time. Up the main drag, Fort Street, was a McDonalds. I didn't notice anything unusual the first day that all the other businesses flew lowered Stars & Stripes. But the next day when I stopped for lunch, to my amazement, McDonald's had their own flag, yellow with a smiling face of their famous mascot, flown at half mast.

Which just goes to show, I figured, that even Ronald McDonald was feeling sad, and thinking perhaps we were all too hard on ol' Tricky Dicky.

"Nobody laughs or the clown gets it."

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Billy D said...

They should have a flag with a sad face on it for just that occasion.