Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Selectively Wary; Blatantly Blind

The Lost Liberty Hotel project treads on! According to Freestar Media, Logan Clements was told unceremoniously by Weare Selectmen that they are much too polite to want to seize Justice Souter's property for him. Don't they get it?? Never fear, the townsmen and women of Weare understand what Logan points out, that protecting Souter from his own poor judgment (should that be capitalized? No, I think not) sends exactly the wrong message....that he is above the law, not an equal, as the Selectmen insist, and a petition is circulating to get the Lost Liberty Hotel on the ballot! Yay!

You can contribute to this worthy cause here. This will also let you read about it if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

1 comment :

Billy D said...

Idiots! damnit, probably half of them are liberals that moved up here from Mass. They ought to build a friggin wall to keep riff-raff like that out.
I hope they change their minds, I was hoping to go up and get pictures of the demolition.