Saturday, March 11, 2017

Attender les Americains

It's Saturday.  More pointedly, it's Saturday, the 11th of March.  If you are reading this post, you no doubt are seeking the first Keblog on the fifth season of The Americans, the show that makes you wonder if your kid's best friend's mom could be a Putin plant.

But I'm sorry, minions.  There is no blog here about the first Americans of the season, which was on on March 7.  First of all, I DVRd it on the 7th because I work midnights and I sleep through its time slot.  No worries, my mom & I planned on watching it together the next day anyway. 

Then,  the next morning I got an Emergency Weather Alert in my email.  The news?  It's gonna be windy.

Windy?  I thought.  They're warning us about wind?

They were.  In my state that wind only got up to 60 miles an hour, but there were reports—false news, possibly, but reports—of "hurricane force winds" elsewhere in the Midwest.  Which, at least, would be 75 miles an hour.  Since we're used to F4-5 tornadoes, we should have been prepared for it, but within hours after the wind started up, we lost power.  And our neighbors lost power.  And apparently about 199,992 other people in the southeast part of Michigan.  According to DTE, that's the biggest outage they've had in their history. 
We got our power back last evening, but then I had to go to work, and am still at work, so the first chance I'll have to view the show is when I go home at 8, and I've got a putrid refrigerator to clean out and a pile of laundry 3 x higher than usual to do…and it probably would be good to get that out of the way before I watch it.  I also have to pick the birds up from the vet where I finally took them yesterday morning out of fear they'd get too cold.  They were already cold, I know, because I was cold, but I was encouraging them to wait it out, as I was.  It's an adventure!  I told them.  They didn't answer.  They just stared at me and shivered.  Not that they ever speak to me, as much millet as I provide, but they clearly did not want to wait any more. 
I know, kvetch, kvetch, kvetch…but there it is.

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