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The Americans #3 Season 4....the experimental prototype spy family of tomorrow.

OK, OK, I know Episode 4 has already aired, and I am way late in posting this, but hey, I have a day job OK?  Alright, well, in my case, a night job.  And I don't want to dash off a piece of dribble each week, I want to think about it a little bit.  Not that anyone's reading this anyway.

Remember how I said there must be a show called "руские" ("The Russians"...or maybe "советы", "The Soviets') in Russia and that someday there could be a Movie of the Week called "The Russians Meet the Hawaii!"  Well, although Phillip and Elizabeth are pretending to be travel agents, they haven't gotten to Hawaii yet, but in this episode they ALMOST GET to Disneyworld!  That would be  a cool, "We've run out of ideas so why the hell not" setting for "The Americans And The Russians/Soviets."

But they don't make it to Disneyworld (The Epcot center was their intended target.)  And anyway they weren't there to meet an ersatz Yelena and Fedor and their CIA planned offspring, they were going there (at least as far as the adults were concerned) so Dracula, er, Gabriel, could kill Pastor Tim without Paige figuring out how he died.  Instead, Gabriel either begins to die or is about to recover from one of the world's deadliest diseases (have to watch this week's show to find out,if you haven't already..  I haven't.)

Phillip and Elizabeth walk into his apartment and find him in a pool of blood (in another life, Frank Langella would be very happy about this--well, maybe if it was someone else's blood.  In Gabriel's case, it's his own.)  P & E quickly ascertain the reason, especially when G. summons all his strength to tell them "Get out!!!"  They run down the guy who gave them the little epidemic in an Altoid's tin, who runs away from them when they start to tell them what happened.  Phillip is having none of that and tackles him.  For some reason this totally changes William's outlook and he becomes quite accomodating, bringing some kind of a vaccine with them to Gabriel's place, giving them all (inclluding Gabriel) a shot, and then tells them they all have to shelter in place for 36 hours, so they're no longer contagious when they leave.

Which totally knocks out Disneyworld.  Damn.  Henry, and the Russians, will be so disappointed.  (Yelena is from Florida, and she was so excited about introducing Elizabeth to her mom and her mom's special Jello salad).

But that's actually at the end of the show so let's back up a little...

Let's do the rounds.


John Boy has contracted a bad case of OCD, or maybe just an "I work with idiots" outlook, because the only thing he does this episode is complain or send memos about the copier or their grammar.  "The FBI doesn't feel anything", he writes in one memo.  "Please don't say or write that the FBI feels something."  Stan proudly states that he figured that out a long time ago.

Stan also tells the black agent whose name I can't remember that he should keep an eye on Martha (his secretary; Phillip's fake wife).  The black agent just looks at him funny.

Who the hell is Pattie?  Pattie is a new alter ego of Elizabeth's.  Finally Elizabeth has found a new "I'm not really a spy"  outfit...this time along with the prissy dress and headband, her page boy is BLOND instead of brown.  Pattie is spending a lot of time with a Korean (South, one supposes) woman named Yung Hee, who is actually very witty.  Yung Hee sells Mary Kaye make-up, and Elizabeth --er Pattie-- has agreed to sell some, but when they meet one day in the grocery store (not randomly, I'm sure) Pattie tells Yung Hee that she's terrified.  So Yung Hee suggests they go together and Pattie turns out to be a very tallented salesperson.  Later, Yung Hee has her over for dinner along with her witty husband and other relatives and Pattie laughs along then obediently does the Hot Pepper Dance that the children direct her too when she takes a too-big bite of Kim Chee.

Wondering why Elizabeth is spying on these people?  Me too.

Nina is talking to Oleg's dad, the man who first got her out of the cell she's now back in.  He tells her she won't have to go through a trial; that's already happened,  The one question remaining?  " Will you receive exceptional punishment? "  Yes, Nina knows what that is.

Later she wakes in her cell after having dreamt of a white house where she sees Stan and Anton (not Oleg?).  Stan is telling her he's sorry.

is not dead yet.  At the beginning of the show he's talking to Phillip, assuring him he's told "no one" about his and Paige's little secret (i.e., Phillip and Elizabeth's little lives).  But then when Phillip presses the issue, he admits he's told his wife.  He assures Phillip she is reliable and will not tell a soul.  Paige tells Phillip that Pastor Tim's wife is the biggest gossip in the church.  Hence Gabriel's plan of rubbing him out after he finds out this.  Paige confronts Tim about this, but this does nothing but frustrates her and she leaves.


Phillip tells her that Stan thought they (she and Phillip) were doin' the nasty.  Sandra doesn't appear to worried about it.

Stay well out there, and stay away from abandoned Altoid tins, for heaven's sake.  

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