Friday, May 06, 2016

TheAmericans Season 4 #6: Martha Martha Martha!

So in this one, Martha is running for school president, and Elizabeth gets jealous when Phillip/Clark helps her with her campaign...oh, sorry, where were we?

Martha is definitely  running, if not for school president, from the little house "Clark" has taken her to, after she wakes up, sees Clark's gone and left her alone with Dracula.  Dracula tries his best to coax her back, promising her safety but HAH!  She's heard that one before.

What's wierd is she still clings to Clark and he's the only one she'll talk to, when Clark has proven to be the Worst Decision She's Made In Her Life:  He has lost her job for her, he's made her an unwitting spy for her country's enemy, destroyed her reputation among her colleagues, and even after she's found out 1) Clark goes around in a mask and makeup; 2) Clark's not Clark; 3)  She's in huge, big, deep trouble because of what she's done for Clark, thinking he was some big shot in the FBI keeping tabs on John Boy (come on Martha, who would need to keep tabs on John Boy?); 4) Clark's real name is Mikhail but he goes around calling himself Phillip and 5)  Clark is KGB!!!! She's still saying,  "Stay away from me [Dracula]!  I'll only talk to Clark!"  I love that Martha is so sweet and that she always sees the best in people, but srsly.

And in this show, it turns out that the plan that Clark has to "keep her safe" which he keeps on assuring her about is to put her on a charter plane piloted by someone at the rezidentura TO FREAKING MOSCOW!!!! Where she knows no one, where she doesn't know the language, and where he tells her he won't be joining her.  Where her loving parents won't know where she is.  Where she'll have to stand in line for bread and an occasional spoiled piece of mutton?  Where there are no McDonald's (yet). And where, incidentally, she'll be in the same Soviet Union that has the worst nuclear incident EVER 3 years from now.  Girl??? How much of your heart do these people need to rip out, chew, spit out and stomp on before you at least kick Clark in the balls?

The best exchange is where Phillip tells her, "They'll take care of you there.  They'll honor and respect you.  They know the sacrifice you've made."  And Martha just cries more.  Can't she just say, "Yeah, the sacrifice I didn't know I was making and WOULDN'T HAVE if I did know, you Russian a __hole!"  My advice would be to go back to the high bridge she was on earlier that day, and do what she obviously was thinking about doing then.  At least then her parents will learn what happened to her.  And she would never have to experience a diet of stinky cabbage, nuclear fallout, and very little meat.

So that mainly took up the plot this week.  But an entertaining piece of the FBI's hunt for Martha is wondering how long it will take Stan the Man to recognize that his ex-best-friend, neighbor, and dad of his buddy Henry, is the same guy who hooked up with Martha,  and is running a mini rezidentura RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO HIM???  This week, he was handed a professional sketch of Phillip as Martha's apartment manager remembers him.  Right.  Under.  Your.  Eyes.

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