Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Americans: Run Away! Run Away!

This could apply to Pastor Tim, who gives this episode its name, who is now in Elizabeth's crosshairs; or to Phillip and Elizabeth themselves, because of the knowledge Tim now has about them and its threat to their cover.

Soooo...Elizabeth gets some bad news this week; Dracula tells her her mother died (Dracula=Frank Langella=Gabriel). Drac-er,  Gabriel tells Elizabeth "She spoke of you fondly."  Suddenly the cynic rises above Elizabeth's loyalty and patriosm as she smirks, "DID she?"

  She was expecting Mama's death, but still.  She's a sad puppy.  Paige sees this and gives her a hug.  First time I've seen mother and daughter hug and Elizabeth doesn't look like she's very good at it.

Then, believing that in her grief, her mother probably would like to learn that she herself might be sent to prison for life, Paige is moved to acknowledge telling everything her parents told her to Pastor Tim.  Now keep in mind, Elizabeth already knows Paige has done this; she has it on tape.  But she manages to act pretty surprised, and enraged.  "That's the one thing we told you not to do!"  she says, in an 80s version of the meme, "You Had ONE Job". 

Meanwhile, Phillip continues to try to place at least 2,000 miles' distance between him and the Altoid tin of biological warfare he's been having to carry around in his pocket.  Stan avoided attacking him this week, so that was good; but a Czech airline pilot who was supposed to fly the plague behind the iron curtain BLEW IT, first by being such a shaking wimp that the airline representative on the bus noticed his nervousness and attempted to do psychotherapy with him to make sure he was fit to fly.  Phillip managed to kill the airline rep unnoticed (while the only other person on the bus is listening to Soft Cell on her Sony Walkman) but when the nervous Czech pilot departed, the little Altoid tin was still sitting on the bus seat next to Phillip.  Damn.

Nina has gotten caught by her handlers smuggling a message from Anton to his son in America, an action that begins with a sweet scene between Nina and the husband she left behind.  He's sort of moved on, has a girlfriend, kids; but he still carries a torch for Nina.  So he enthusiastically agrees to tap an old acquaintance supposedly well-versed in this smuggling thing to help her.  The old acquaintance obviously isn't very good at this anymore.     The handler with the beard (what is his name?) seems to be washing his hands of her, so who knows what will happen now?  And what will happen to Anton???  Always a great cliff-hanger or two in these 80s flashback shows.

BTW speaking of Nina, I've been introduced to the Twitter #the Americans feed, and it turns out Annett Ahendru, who plays her, is pretty active on it.  She says "y'all" a lot.  Guess that's how they roll in Afghanistan, India and Russia, all of whom play a part in her heritage.  At least according to Wikipedia.

Oleg Igoravich gets 2 sets of bad newses this episode:  his brother has died in the war in Afghanistan (their war, not our war 30 years hence), as Arkady Ivanovich (the man with no last name, just a patronymic) tells him.  Oleg comes out of the Residentura, having dried his tears, to meet Stan, who tells him their scheme to get Nina traded for a Russian spy has failed.

In kind of a bizarre but upbeat scene, Henry eats macaroni and cheese at Stan's.  Stan is apparently still friends with Henry, if not Phillip.  And the two appear to be filling in for the missing pieces of each other...for Henry, a father who pays him any attention, and for Stan, a son who hasn't gone missing along with his wife.  Henry consults Stan about wimmen.  Stan cools his jets a little, because  he thinks it's unlikely that Henry's hot teacher is interested in Henry That Way, despite the Ralph Lauren cologne.  Probably a good thing,

Stay tuned, capitalists and communists.

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